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Characteristics of Strong TPACK Math Teachers

Mathematics teachers with a strong background in Technological And Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK):

??? are open to experimentation and confident their students can learn something of value each time they try something new.

??? strive to be consistently "on-task" and are effective at focusing on the mathematics concepts, while still taking advantage of the instructional opportunities offered by technology.

??? approach their mathematics instruction with clear and systemic pedagogical strategies in mind, strive to know "where" their students are conceptually, "what" they need to do to achieve the next step in an instructional process, and "how" they generally want their students to proceed.

??? consistently offer explanations to their students on what they are doing with the technology, why a specific tool is appropriate for a particular mathematical situation and perhaps even how a selected technology fundamentally works.

??? embrace the administrative capabilities of technology to help guide their mathematics instruction using student assessment data such as criterion-referenced tests. This "data-driven" decision making process can help a teacher select lessons that more directly address where students are in their current understanding of a topic and models for students how the computer might aid in the management of information.

??? do their best to be caring teachers who are comfortable and optimistic for change … expect change, not only in the technologies available to them in the classroom, but quite likely in the content of the mathematics that they should be teaching. They must be caring instructional leaders welcoming of all students as they enter the changing and evolving world of mathematics.

Excepted from: Perhaps a Matter of Imagination: TPCK in Mathematics Education by Neal Grandgenett


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